HercuLean Structural Foam Cores: Maximize your Inner Strength

and many other applications

Herc™ LLC’s groundbreaking HercuLean™ technology polypropylene foam cores can replace a variety of materials used in boat building, transportation and recreational vehicles, construction, and more. Offering superior performance and versatility, HercuLean foam cores are revolutionizing the way these industries approach material selection and application.

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HercuLean structural foam is strong, light, durable, and easy to process.

It can be cut or routed, easily fitting into standard manufacturing processes. This product is also 3rd Party FMVSS302 certified for Flammability of materials used in the occupant compartments. 

Strong & Light
Easy to Process
Durable & Long Lasting
Versatile structural foam solution

Versatile structural foam solution for high-strength applications

HercuLean can be used as a stand-alone structural foam or as a core material for laminates to provide a high-strength structure in a variety of applications. 

Herc has the capability to provide extruded profiles, planks, and sheet stock in multiple thicknesses and densities, designed to performance specifications required. Herc can produce large, one-piece sheet stock with fabrication equipment for cut-to-size needs, providing our customers with a vast scope of design possibilities.  

Material Benefits


Manufacturing Process
Common Examples
Herculean Advantages
Materials are unrolled or sheets are fed into a heating zone, then molded, and finally cut into individual parts.
Clamshell Food Containers
Most structural material and only domestic supplier
Adhesive Lamination
One or multiple skin layers on one or two sides are bonded to a core using glues, then pressed, and finally cut into individual composite parts.
Laminate countertops
Improve material properties, reduce adhesive use by 50%
Separate panels are fixed to a structure, seams are bonded or taped, then finished carpentry can take place such as routing and sawing away excess panel material.
Exterior Wall Sheathing
Improve material properties, reduce weight by 3-15x
Thermal Lamination
One or multiple skin layers on two sides are heated under pressure to create a homologous composite with no bond lines, then cut into individual composite parts.
Honeycomb, Herculean
The most structural core in the world

Material Benefits


HercuLean™ is made of  polypropylene which allows it to have many structural and performance advantages.

High Flexural Strength
Impact Strength
Fatigue Resistance
Electrical Resistance
Moisture Resistance
High Melt Point
Chemical Resistance

Panel sizes

HercuLean can be manufactured in a variety of widths and thicknesses. We work with our customers to tailor the specific size needed. Contact us for more information.


Herc LLC’s structural foam products made with HercuLean™ technology

This revolutionary product can inherently withstand common elements that break down wood. Unlike wood, HercuLean closed-cell foam does not splinter and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, mold, mildew, rot, and insects.  

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